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Reduce Wrinkle, Relieve Eye strain!

Reduce Wrinkle, Relieve Eye strain!

Facial massage can effectively stimulate acupuncture points, help accelerate skin metabolism to achieve detoxification, and can eliminate skin dark spots, wrinkles, nasolabial folds, forehead lines, protruding eyes, drooping eyes, dark circles, acne muscles, etc.

Especially around the eye area, there are quite a number of effective acupuncture points that are related to vision, correct stimulation can help reduce fine lines, slow wrinkle formation, release eye pressure hence improve sight vision. 

Acupuncture points such as “Eyeming”, “Cuanzhu”, “Chengqi”, “Temple“,  (see dots on picture below), can effectively prevent and slow down myopia and presbyopia.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, facial massage has a direct and obvious effect on the health of the organs through the meridians. The information from the outside world is mostly received by the facial senses, such as sight, hearing, and smell.

If the body is in a good state, the sensitivity of the five senses will be higher! Training and maintaining five sense functions can also stimulate the body’s response to make the activity vigorous, which can effectively curb aging.

How to perform facial massage – meridian Skincare?

  1. Apply facial oil/cream on the face and rub the palms of both hands until lukewarm.
  2. Place your hands on your cheeks and gently massage in a circular motion from the inside to the outside.
  3. Use the tip of a middle finger, and index finger and ring finger to gently massage from the eyebrow to the hairline or massage it in a rotating motion. The technique needs to be gentle.
  4. Use the middle finger, index finger, and ring finger to massage from the chin along the direction of the ear in a spiral motion.
  5. Then do a acupressure massage in the same direction.
  6. Use the middle finger, index finger, and ring finger to make a spiral massage from the nose and along the direction of the ears.
  7. Then press and massage in the same direction.
  • The muscle lines of the face have different directions, some are walking horizontally, some are walking vertically, and some are circular sphincter (eyes, mouth), please make sure to correctly massage them!
  • Reminder: the skin of the face should be massaged from the inside out, or massaged in a circular motion
  • The muscles of the eyes and mouth are ring-shaped. Massage around the eye sockets and the corners of the mouth.
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